Magpie Moonthief painting video

Digital painting “Magpie Moonthief”, which was featured in #themagpiecollection featuring lots of talented, indie game developers, artists, musician etc. The painting was created in PhotoShop, exclusively for the collection and will not be published anywhere else. This video shows the painting from start to finish, sped up 60 times. The song is: Scott Joplin – … Read more

Dreadlocks 101

Not your regular art post. This one will be about dreadlocks. I’ve gotten lots of questions about my hairstyle over the years and thought I’d post some info for anyone who wants to get knots. Back in 2010, when I was young, naïve and scared, I spent a substantial amount of time on finding ANY … Read more

Composite photos

In some cases you need to add things to an image to make it seem more interesting or balanced. Obviously, it can be done subtly or you can actually build a concept around the technique. In this example I found that the original photos weren’t too interesting by themselves. Also, I thought both kids were … Read more

Object removal

Snapping some shots at a concert is usually a difficult task, especially if you’re shooting from the crowd. In these cases I was unfortunately far away from the stage, so someone’s hand and a white object was in front of me. These were carefully removed in PhotoShop by using the healing tool and the cloning … Read more

Photo retouching

Skin smoothing, cloning, sharpening, enhancement of desired characteristics and color/contrast adjustement. Software: PhotoShop

Background replacement

A simple case  of photo manipulation in PhotoShop. First, the model was manually cut out of the original background. The graffiti background from the other picture was bent and a sky was added from a third photo. Then the model was inserted into the new background and colors/levels were adjusted for the final image.