Tattoo Designs

My tattoo designs are specifically drawn for each individual person and I commit to drawing and changing the design until it’s completely what the client wants. I have a very serious attitude when it comes to tattoo designs because as an artist you are leaving a permanent mark on another human being. This trust should not be discredited by copying other designs or making something generic. Each person is unique and the ink they get should be a part of them, not ruled by someone else’s vision for them.

To make this experience and the result satisfactory, I find it important that the person I’m designing for has as much influence during the design process as possible through feedback on and suggestions for the work I’m doing. A tattoo should always be the result of a close collaboration between the artist and the bearer of the tattoo and I find that it’s the artist’s duty to do proper research on the symbolism and visual styles for each unique project.

I have been fortunate to work with clients from all over the world via the wonderful Internet, so do not hesitate to contact me, even if you cannot make an appearance at my studio in person.

Abstract Tribal Scorpio

The client wanted a small design for her foot. The motif represents her astrological sign, the Scorpio. It is abstract enough to pass for a decorative tribal motif at first, but upon close inspection it becomes obvious that there is a scorpion in there somewhere. I have included some of the different versions I experimented … Read more

Good vs. Evil sleeve + half-torso design

As with most large scale pieces this particular design has a lot of intricate, interweaving elements. The client approached me with a request for a half torso + half sleeve design as a celebration of accomplishments and personal victories, as well as a reflection of overcoming struggles in his past. The main theme is the … Read more


A design for the forearm. The client wanted a seal to represent his family name, which starts with the letter R. The sign was to show energy, activity and the inspiration to push forward, while honoring the client’s roots. The design was to be kept simple and minimalistic.    

Marquesan tribal demon half-sleeve

The client wanted a traditional Marquesan tattoo to reflect his story about overcoming hardships. After enough research I found the necessary symbols and style to do his story justice. The central piece of the design is the demon head being caged in by rows of shark teeth, which represent strength and protection against threats and … Read more