Digital Paintings


An explorational horror game about Norse Mythology, which I worked on for 1.5 years as art director, concept artist, PR co-representative, co-producer/team manager, also working with narrative development, creation of in-game 2D & 3D assets, VR game design, graphic design and story and worldbuilding.

Wisdom of the Dead

Over the past 15 months I have immersed myself in creating visuals for a virtual reality video game inspired by the stories and world-view of Norse Mythology. My work consists of dissecting the original stories and reassembling them in ways that are stimulating to my imagination. Internalizing the motivation and philosophy in the source material … Read more

Free World concept art

Free World is a cross-media student project I worked on in the first half of 2014 as Concept Artist and 2D Artist as part of my education at the European Cross Media Academy, EUCROMA. The project consists of a game called Zero Days and a short film called Day One. To see the finished products, … Read more

Magpie Moonthief painting video

Digital painting “Magpie Moonthief”, which was featured in #themagpiecollection featuring lots of talented, indie game developers, artists, musician etc. The painting was created in PhotoShop, exclusively for the collection and will not be published anywhere else. This video shows the painting from start to finish, sped up 60 times. The song is: Scott Joplin – … Read more

Creative Coast Festival – morphed portraits

I had a talk at Creative Coast Festival, which took place a few weeks ago in Karlshamn, Sweden, where I painted a member of the audience in 20 minutes. My brave volunteer was Jonas Friberg who has one of the best moustaches I’ve ever seen.   After the talk, I spent the rest of the … Read more

Strangerskin: Seeker

Introducing my new music project Strangerskin. Progressive metal/rock with the talented René Larsen. René writes music, I sing. The first song is “Seeker” and is available for streaming/download here. These are the artworks I’ve done for the project so far. They are digital paintings created on a background of textures from my acrylic paintings and photo … Read more

Zero Days game teaser

Zero Days is a game currently being developed at The European Cross Media Academy, also known as Eucroma. The game is a post-apocalyptic survival-horror 2D puzzle, where you play as a hacker who has to help the main protagonist Erika escape from the horrible virtual world she is imprisoned in. I currently work on the … Read more

Gator Bait

  This is a digital painting I worked on in 2013. Created in Corel Painter 12 and Adobe PhotoShop CS5. Shown below is the process of how it was done.  It’s an angry woman riding an alligator, because why the hell not.                             … Read more

Good vs. Evil sleeve + half-torso design

As with most large scale pieces this particular design has a lot of intricate, interweaving elements. The client approached me with a request for a half torso + half sleeve design as a celebration of accomplishments and personal victories, as well as a reflection of overcoming struggles in his past. The main theme is the … Read more

Grenade (my heart goes BOOM)

Digital drawing made with a Wacom tablet in PhotoShop 2009-2012  

Digital art portfolio


EP artwork: Rune Braendgaard

  EP artwork I designed for a solo artist called Rune Braendgaard. It opens up like a little brochure booklet. The different layers symbolize peeling away the artist’s outer shell, inner desires and reaching the music: the flower. The final image is the fusion of all three phases, a metaphor for completeness. All layers were … Read more


Quick smile study done while I was exploring Corel Painter 11 for the first time. Reference photos of Heath Ledger found via Google. Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 + Corel Painter 11 Brushes: Real 6B soft pencil Tablet: Wacom Intuos 4


This was an excuse to work with evolution and religion in a direct way. I love playing with anatomy, bones in particular, and I enjoy drawing wings. Also, I find the idea of merging man and machine fascinating and wondered about an alternative take on Eve. So, this is the result of all of that. … Read more


A quick experiment I did one night. Adobe PhotoShop CS4 + Wacom Intuos4. Painted in 1 layer


Just a simple, stylized painting. Red is fun. Software: Photoshop CS3. Tablet: Wacom Volito2. Photo references were used.

Artemisia Absinthium

A steampunk version of the Green Fairy. Artemisia Absinthium is an ingredient in the liquor absinthe. The model is my good friend Katrine with her pet rats. Photo references were used. Created in Photoshop CS3 with a Wacom Volito 2 tablet. You can check out how this artwork came to be in this forum thread. … Read more