Shayla Games is just around the corner!

Shayla Games

I’ve helped Julie Heyde, my favorite troublemaker, with Shayla Games. Among other things, I’ll be photographing at the event, and also, I designed the PR horze, which will  be printed on stickers. Shayla Games will be the world’s biggest on-site game jam. Last year is where I met Julie, while I was exhibiting the game … Read more

Open air Norse museum, Denmark


Sagnlandet Lejre is an open air museum where 10.000 years of Danish history is brought to life, located in thebeautiful historic landscape near Roskilde – the capital of Denmark in the Viking Age. Houses and settings are from the Iron Age, Stone Age, Viking Age and 1800th century, featuring historic workshops and domestic animals. The museum is populated by … Read more

The Magpie Collection

The magpie Collection

I was recently at the festival A MAZE. in Berlin, to promote the virtual reality horror game RAGNAROKvr which I’m working on at the moment. During the festival, a large number of indie ‬ developers, artists, musicians and other cool kids got their belongings stolen: Laptops, tablets, phones, backpacks, passports, documents. 17000€ worth of equipment! Having … Read more

Bunnygrave and The Devil at A MAZE, Berlin, with Julie Heyde and Julian Dasgupta


After our virtual reality workshop at the independent games and media festival A MAZE in Berlin last month, photographer Julian Dasgupta caught Julie Heyde and myself acting silly in front of a wall -featuring The Bunnygrave. Julie is my teammate in the RAGNAROK horror project I’m working on as Art Dictator. RAGNAROK is a virtual reality game … Read more

Workshops and A MAZE

VR workshop profile

I went to A MAZE festival in Berlin last week where I held a workshop with other members of the crew at RAGNAROKvr. The workshop was about Virtual Reality. More specifically about making a VR game within 3 hours. We had surprisingly successful results. Description: We’ll hack together a bunch of crazy VR games and experiences in … Read more