Wisdom of the Dead


Over the past 15 months I have immersed myself in creating visuals for a virtual reality video game inspired by the stories and world-view of Norse Mythology. My work consists of dissecting the original stories and reassembling them in ways that are stimulating to my imagination. Internalizing the motivation and philosophy in the source material … Read more

Voices of VR interview podcast about RAGNAROKvr

Ragnarok blackred

This year at GDC in San Francisco Julie Heyde and I were interviewed by Kent Bye for Voices of VR. A podcast in which we shared some of our experiences with virtual reality during the development of RAGNAROKvr and what the future has in store.  Click on the image to go to the podcast: “Julie … Read more

Talk: Chaos and Creation – Visual Art for VR Horror Games, ZTG, Poland


Last October I was in Poznán, Poland, for Poznán Game Arena to exhibit the game I am working on, and I dropped by the ZTG conference for game developers to give a talk about hor to create visual art for virtual reality horror games. This is an explanation of my process, including some tips and … Read more