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Modeling portfolio

Selected Photos:

Black Fur with Denise Karlsson

Photographer: Denise Karlsson Styling/Editing/Model: Mariam Zakarian  

Dreadlocks 101

Not your regular art post. This one will be about dreadlocks. I’ve gotten lots of questions about my hairstyle over the years and thought I’d post some info for anyone who wants to get knots. Back in 2010, when I was young, naïve and scared, I spent a substantial amount of time on finding ANY…

Free World

Free World is a cross-media student project I worked on in the first half of 2014 as Concept Artist and 2D Artist as part of my education at the European Cross Media Academy, EUCROMA. The project consists of a game called Zero Days and a short film called Day One. This video explains the premise…

Red Red Red with Denise Karlsson

Red Riding Hood -inspired photoshoot in a Swedish winter forest. Photography: Denise Karlsson Styling/editing/model: Mariam Zakarian  

Egyptian Streetwear with Sine Schmidt Thomsen

A few days ago I posed for Sine Schmidt Thomsen’s cool, futuristic streetwear inspired by Egyptian garments. The theme of my outfit was the representation of a goddess, with lines borrowed from temple geometry and ancient, Egyptian symbolism. Sine is fantastic and her designs are absolutely gorgeous. Design/Styling/Photography: Sine Schmidt Thomsen Editing/Model/Styling: Mariam Zakarian Location: Aalborg University in Copenhagen,…

Zero Days game teaser

Zero Days is a game currently being developed at The European Cross Media Academy, also known as Eucroma. The game is a post-apocalyptic survival-horror 2D puzzle, where you play as a hacker who has to help the main protagonist Erika escape from the horrible virtual world she is imprisoned in. I currently work on the…

Elizabeth Bathory with Jessica Lundberg

Please do not access the following content if you are under 18 years of age, or are squeamish. You have been warned. Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed from Hungary has been labelled the most prolific female serial killer in history and is remembered as the “Blood Countess.” The stories of her sadistic serial murders and brutality are verified…

An Interactive Installation: The Tree of Sounds, part2

Link to part 1 We have been developing our tree concept further and it has become much clearer! The images below show the final design and how it would be used. Here’s a link to a Prezi presentation, which we presented for representatives of the Museum Of Musical Instruments. The feedback was mainly positive and…

Album artwork: Badge: If I Could Love I`d Love This

An excellent album that I’m proud to have been a part of is finally out! Badge‘s “If I Could Love I’d Love This” is packed full of auditory explosives and has been scoring great reviews already. You can listen to a few songs on their page. I worked on the album art and design for…

An Interactive Installation: The Tree of Sounds, part1

I figured it’s about time to show a little bit of what I’m working with these days besides my creative projects. I have recently started my Masters Degree in Medialogy at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, where we are to develop semester projects in groups. At the end of the semester we will have made a…

By The Water with Andrea Coan

The spectacularly talented photographer Andrea Coan took some photos of me around Milwaukee, WI, USA, a few years ago. Edited by me (not that the photos needed it though).  

Hazel with Andrea Coan

The amazingly talented photographer Andrea Coan took me out for a photoshoot around Milwaukee, WI, USA, a few years ago.

Abstract Tribal Scorpio

The client wanted a small design for her foot. The motif represents her astrological sign, the Scorpio. It is abstract enough to pass for a decorative tribal motif at first, but upon close inspection it becomes obvious that there is a scorpion in there somewhere. I have included some of the different versions I experimented…

WILDEBEEST is featured on The Promo Bay

  My music project WILDEBEEST‘s video for ‘Red Song’ is featured on the front page of The Promo Bay. Take a look!

Red Song music video by WILDEBEEST

WILDEBEEST music video for RED SONG Created in 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden Download the song for free or buy the album. Pay what you want and share, share share!             _________________________________________________ CREDITS: RED SONG WAS WRITTEN & PERFORMED BY WILDEBEEST MUSIC BY: SEVA GRIGORAKI & MARIAM ZAKARIAN LYRICS BY: MARIAM…

-W- promo shots

Some photos for my music brainchild WILDEBEEST.   Shot by Seva Grigoraki Edited by Mariam Zakarian

Premiere of the music video for Red Song by WILDEBEEST!!

Earlier this year a music video for Red Song by my music brainchild WILDEBEEST was shot in Stockholm, Sweden. After months of waiting and hard work, it is finally finished! Red Song will premiere exclusively at the amazing KGB Bar & Restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden, on what some sources say will be the End of…

Good vs. Evil sleeve + half-torso design

Good vs. Evil tattoo design The finished sleeve As with most large scale pieces this particular design has a lot of intricate, interweaving elements. The client approached me with a request for a half torso + half sleeve design as a celebration of accomplishments and personal victories, as well as a reflection of overcoming struggles…

Monochromatic dinner

One of the first assignments we got when I started my B.A in Digital Design in 2009 was to create a monochromatic dinner. My group decided to take on the colors white, red, black and green and we each cooked food that had the same color -mine was red. Luckily, the presentation was more important…


I had the pleasure of working on the graphics and promo art for the game Cyklus by Eastasiasoft, which is available on iPhones, iPads and Android and is also to be ported to PC and Macs soon. This was in many ways an ideal project since I was given the freedom to create what I…

Design Portfolio

Selected designs:  

Bricks and Slices



    This is the design and packaging I did for the independently released debut EP for my multimedia project WILDEBEEST. The photo for the cover and the logo were also done by me. I am the vocalist, co-composer and lyricist on the EP, which is available for streaming and free download. If you want…


Made for my multimedia project WILDEBEEST, which has a debut EP with 4 songs coming out. I am the vocalist, co-composer and lyricist. Check out the website


A design for the forearm. The client wanted a seal to represent his family name, which starts with the letter R. The sign was to show energy, activity and the inspiration to push forward, while honoring the client’s roots. The design was to be kept simple and minimalistic.    

EP artwork: Rune Braendgaard

EP artwork I designed for a solo artist called Rune Braendgaard. It opens up like a little brochure booklet. The different layers symbolize peeling away the artist’s outer shell, inner desires and reaching the music: the flower. The final image is the fusion of all three phases, a metaphor for completeness. All layers were hand-painted…

Firebird Fly with David

Photographer: David Model: self Editing: self Styling: self Location: Svenstrup, Nordborg, DK

Marquesan tribal demon half-sleeve

The client wanted a traditional Marquesan tattoo to reflect his story about overcoming hardships. After enough research I found the necessary symbols and style to do his story justice. The central piece of the design is the demon head being caged in by rows of shark teeth, which represent strength and protection against threats and…

Cold days with Anders Warrer

Photography & editing: Anders Warrer. Models: myself & Charli Bregnballe. Location: Aarhus, DK. Visit the photographer’s website.


Photographer: Bokra Zerinai Editing: self Model/styling: self Location: Botanical Garden, Aarhus, DK