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CPH Grotesque Burlesque: Delusional Fairy Tales

I photographed the latest party from Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Delusional Fairy Tales – The Garden of the Grimm and the Graceful. “Deep within the Winter forest among the snowdrift wide. You can find a magic place where all the fairies hide.”  

Live in concert: Giana Factory

Danish trio Giana Factory played a haunting and beautiful last show at Lille Vega on October 30th 2014. The visuals were created by Obscura. 

Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Way Out West

  Spurs click rhythmically as they enter the saloon; the murmur of tall tales, and gun fight stories ceases and even the sultry saloon seductress looks up from her place sitting on the pianist’s lap. The cowboys have arrived. Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque created this wild participatory event with a Wild West theme. A lovely night … Read more

Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque: Wicked Waltzes at the Russian Cabaret Verboten

I was a photographer at Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque’s event in February: Wicked Waltzes at the Russian Cabaret Verboten. “Ice crystals on the walls begin to melt as the beautifully costumed participants arrive. The Russian Cabaret Verboten is open and welcomes its exquisite guests, clad in the latest fashions of the 1930’s in Moscow. ” Grotesque … Read more

Shayla Games 2014

Yesterday I participated in the first ever Shayla Games at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark. Besides sneaking around and taking pictures of a brilliant collection of brainiacs, I also helped showcase our Eucroma video game Zero Days. Several amazing industry frontrunners were represented at the casual event, such as Unity, Oculus and Sony. The showcased games … Read more

Burlesque Hypnotique: Down The Rabbit Hole, part 2/2

Sold out second night in a row, Burlesque Hypnotique‘s show themed Down The Rabbit Hole welcomed an audience with high expectations, myself included. And they did not disappoint! The decadent spirits of Copenhagen gathered on this night in a small theatre with a dreamy, lush atmosphere to be entertained and enjoy a genuinely impressive set of diverse performers, … Read more

Burlesque Hypnotique: Down The Rabbit Hole, part 1/2

Sold out second night in a row, Burlesque Hypnotique‘s show themed Down The Rabbit Hole welcomed an audience with high expectations, myself included. And they did not disappoint! The decadent spirits of Copenhagen gathered on this night in a small theatre with a dreamy, lush atmosphere to be entertained and enjoy a genuinely impressive set … Read more

Live in concert: Under Byen

One of my favorite Danish bands was playing at Statens Museum For Kunst in Copenhagen last Friday. I took the liberty of photographing Under Byen as they filled the museum with their beautiful, haunting sounds.  

Badge release party in Stockholm

A few pictures from the release party of a brilliant album called ‘If I Could Love I’d Love This’ by Badge, at KGB Bar and Restaurant in Stockholm. Go listen to a couple of songs from it on their page.

Live in concert: Imogen Heap

There are multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist geniuses, and then there’s Imogen Heap. I was very lucky to catch this charming fairy live back in 2010 at an intimate, beautiful little venue where she welcomed us into a magical, electronic landscape full of curious instruments, funny stories and the occasional transformation of the entire audience into a choir … Read more

Download Festival 2013

“Scream for me Donington!” A few pictures taken with a Kodak EasyShare C913 during Download Festival 2013.

Live in concert: The Troubled Three

A Swedish rockabilly band that kicked ass at Berliner Nacht in Kolingsborg, Stockholm, on 27.04.2013.

Demonstration: May 1st with Vansterpartiet, Stockholm, Sweden

Some quick shots from May 1st, 2013. Over 10’000 people. Stockholm, Sweden.  

Berliner Nacht: Kalla Kriget

  A red-hot Cold War theme party at Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, produced by Damón Zurawski with burlesque performances, wild live bands, femme fatales and DJ battles between Sovietabilly and Rockabilly. Featuring burlesque babes Hurricane Irina, Betty Q, Fräulein Frauke, Pepper Potemkin, Miss Diamond, host Fez Wrecker, stagekitten Gabriella Dal Rooth, live bands The Troubled Three … Read more

Live in concert: KillerSmile & Skye Rider

Two local metal bands performing at O’Learys in Stockholm, Sweden. 16.03.2013  

Fraulein Frauke presents Weimar Cabaret

A fabulous burlesque show and party with talented performers and partystarters featuring: Fräulein Frauke, Laurie Hagen, Julietta la Doll, Herr H, Hedo Luxe, Valkyria von Tessla, Damón Zurawski, Gabriella Dal Rooth and a fantastic audience.

Making of The Ocean’s Awaiting

Photoshoot : The Ocean’s Awaiting I worked with the model Denise Karlsson for this shoot. She’s naturally beautiful, photogenic and exceptionally dedicated, so I warmly recommend her. The idea behind this shoot was a kind of ghostlike fairytale full of innocence and evil all rolled into one persona and Denise was perfect for the part. … Read more

Fraulein Frauke presents Victorian Circus

A wonderful burlesque show and party inspired by the Victorian circus, which took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Featuring: Scotty the Blue Bunny, Mr Pustra, Erochica Bamboo, Miss Lily DeLuxe, Nancy the burlesque Marionette, Evilyn Frantic, Fräulein Frauke and more!    

Berliner Nacht: Halloween

Halloween party at Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, with burlesque/boylesque performances, contortionists, crooning dictators and terrorist DJs. Featuring Pepper Potemkin, Rasmus Wurm, Elegy Ellem, Manda Rydman, Evy Maroon, Minou Moustache, Evilyn Frantic, Frank Sanazi, Fez Wrecker, Gabriella Dal Rooth, and Big Fat Joe and Skinny Kangur in the DJ booth. Produced by Damón Zurawski,  

Roskilde Festival 2006

Some shots from the 2006 Roskilde Festival.

Fraulein Frauke presents La Belle Paris

A glamorous burlesque show and party with some spectacular performers featuring: Fräulein Frauke, Marianne Cheesecake, Blackbird Burlesque Cabaret, Velma Voluptuous, Alexi Carpentieri, Slippery Utopia, Laurie Hagen and more.      

Live in concert: Under Byen

    Under Byen (“Below the City”) is a Danish band, known for producing their own unorthodox interpretation of rock. I highly recommend their breathtaking music. Warming up for them was a one-man band called Il Tempo Gigante. I caught them live on the 26th of November 2010 at Musikhuset in Aarhus, Denmark.

Stockholm Ink Bash 2011

Photos taken at Stockholm Ink Bash 2011, a tattoo convention featuring performances by Henry Bowers, one of Europe’s best slam-poets, and Japanese buto-dancer SANAxxx‘ performance ‘HANNYA’.Visit the event website                                                     … Read more

Live in concert: Midlake

Midlake are an acoustic alternative indie band from Texas, USA. I had the pleasure of experiencing them live on the 17th of November 2010 at Voxhall in Aarhus, Denmark. Visit the band website

Wedding: Katrine & Claude

    I had the honor of photographing Katrine & Claude’s big day on January 15th 2011 at Sct.Joergen’s Kirke & Den Gamle Moelle, Aabenraa, DK  

Christmas Polaroids 2010

Taken at Bruuns Galleri in Aarhus, DK Polaroid template and textures from deviantArt Camera: Canon EOS 350D Software: Adobe PS CS5 Happy holidays & New Year!

RHoK 2010 press photos

I was the official photographer on the press team at the RHoK (Random Hacks of Kindness) event in Aarhus, DK, this weekend. RHoK takes place several places on the planet simultaneusly. Some of the best hackers in the area show up for 24 hours to create new solutions/programs for charity, and afterwards a winning team … Read more