Traditional Art


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Shayla Games 2015 Day 2: 20 minute portraits

Last weekend was the weekend of Shayla Games. It was the largest on-site virtual reality game jam in the world. I created the poster and stickers for the event, and I was also the photographer. Last year‘s Shayla Games was where I met Julie, the main organizer, while I was exhibiting the game Zero Days, made at Eucroma (The … Read more


    The night belongs to black cats. Acrylics on canvas 2014  

Sketches: January 2014

I’ve realized that I don’t do much drawing lately, which sucks. So, I bought a small sketchbook that can glare at me from the coffee table every day, and force me to pick up the pencils. I try to do sketches every day or at least a couple of times per week. Every Wednesday I … Read more

About Envy

  A leisurely reflection on envy and its effect on relationships. Size: A3 Color pencils on sketch paper Finished in 2010


  Just a little drawing for fun, exploring colorful makeup options. Color pencils on paper, A4 Finished in 2009  

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School: Rebels & Revolution

If you enjoy drawing from life, last night was probably the place to be at Dr. Sketchy’s event in Stockholm, Sweden: wonderful models, great atmosphere, a room full of like-minded people and drinks. My experience with croquis/sketching sessions has been painfully limited as of late since most of my attention has been focused on exploring … Read more


                      40x50cm Watercolors, watercolor pencils and acrylic paint on canvas References were used Painted in 2010 A little piece about summer. First time playing with watercolors since art class in school – fun!

Elysian Fields

                                              My first oil painting. The title refers to the final resting place for the souls of the virtuous in Greek Mythology. It is also a reference to the term “The Little Death”, … Read more

Homage to the Good Wife

A small piece about domestic abuse. Pencils on paper No photo references A4 Finished in 2010

The Lilith Effect

      PRINT AVAILABLE IN THE WEB SHOP Acrylics on canvas Assorted references were used Approx. 80cm x 60cm 2007 – 2010   The original artwork is an acrylic painting on canvas, finished in 2010. Lilith is a character from Jewish mythology. She was created at the same time and from the same earth … Read more


        BUY A PRINT IN THE WEB SHOP Medium: Acrylics on canvas References: Jeffro Size: Approx. 120cm x 120cm 2009 – 2010 This painting is about traveling through music and is generally an exploration of adventure and wonder. The most important parts to notice is how the wire from the headphones turns … Read more

Still lifes

Rough sketch paper, color pencils Drawn from life during boring classes 2009

Traditional art portfolio


MJK : Vessel

This is a painting about the process of creation. It is a personal attempt to understand and communicate events I have been experiencing while painting or singing. Often I have felt as if I am simply the medium through which ideas and inspiration is expressed. In those brilliant moments it is as if you plug … Read more


Portrait of Matt Bellamy from Muse to practice a new technique with glossy metallic color pencils. The reference is a screenshot from the video for “Bliss”. Color pencils on thick sketch paper Size: A4 2010

Portrait of Jeffro

Finished in 2009. Took around 6 hours. Photo references were used. Pencils on paper. Size: A4

Rebel & Martyr

I enjoy playing with symbols and iconic imagery, so I had a little fun with Marx and Ché. Photo references were used, naturally. Pencils on paper. Size: A6 2010

Rebel Yell

A study of screaming. Color pencils on rough paper, A4 Photo reference used Finished in 2007    


Color pencils on sketch paper. No references used. Size: A3 Finished in 2007


This was a heavily experimental piece, done purely for relaxation. It’s actually showing the front of the body while the head is facing the opposite direction, an attempt to illustrate ambivalence. The strings/staircase play a significant role as well. Size: A4. Color pencils on rough sketch paper


My first painting on canvas. Mars is the god of war. This portrait is inspired by John Carpenter’s movie “Ghosts of Mars”. Acrylics on canvas. August – October 2007 Approx. 40x60cm


This was a gift for a couple of my good friends. Pencils on thin sketch paper. Took me approx. 2 days to finish. Size: A3.


              My final high-school project for art class. Finished in April, 2006 Acrylics on board. It measures 2,55m x 1,30m (roughly 8’4” x 4’3”) and took me 2 months to finish. This is a painting about change and choices and creating and self-expression. You can let misfortunes drain the … Read more